How to Upload / Download photos

Upload Photos to Flickr (we're always looking for pictures...)

Photos of the Ram Band at all the various events throughout the year are stored online at Flickr.  If you have pictures of current or past Ram Band performances you would like to share with others, the easiest way to get them online is by using Flickr

  1. Contact for the "CD RamBand" Flickr Yahoo! ID and password.
  2. Go to Flickr and sign in.
  3. Click upload and choose the photos you want to upload.

If you're not into the whole Flickr thing, please e-mail them to or submit a CD or DVD.

No student names will be posted.

Download Photos from Flickr

To download pictures from Flickr, first go to one of the photo galleries on the website. Click on the Flickr logo on the top left of the photo.


Once you're in Flickr, select the photo you want to grab, click on the photo a second time to go to the lightbox view and click the '"View all sizes" button above the photo on the right.


On the next page, choose the size you want to download, click the download link and save it to a location on your computer.