RamBand Scrip

Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”. When you purchase RamBand Scrip, you’re purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use this scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials. With every purchase, you earn revenue for the Band Boosters and for your Student Ledger.


Scrip Order Schedule

We generally place orders with Great Lakes Scrip on the first and third Tuesday of each months.  So be sure to get your order into "The Box" by the end of school on Tuesday or use ShopWithScrip.com and Presto-Pay before the close of business on Tuesday.  The scrip will be ready for pickup at Weber Vision Care on the following Saturday morning.  Weber Vision Care is located at 4392 Sturbridge Drive off of Linglestown Road. If there's a problem or a backorder on your scrip order, we will attempt to contact you via e-mail. Scip order pickup dates are subject to change due to holiday shipping schedules.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Print out, read and sign the enrollment form (click here to download) and return it with your first order.  The papers should be placed in an envelope and placed in "The Box" in the band room.
  • Go to Great Lakes Scrip for a list of all vendors and usage guidelines.
  • Place your order using one of four options


Print and fill out the RamBand Scrip order form. Note that the order form includes the most popular retailers and amounts, it does not contain all vendors.  For a comprehensive list of vendors,  visit Great Lakes Scrip.  If you find something that you would like to order that is not already on the list, just add it to the bottom of the order form in the blank spaces provided.


Place your check or money order, your order form and for your first order only, your enrollment form in "The Box" in the Band Room.


To use the on-line ordering system, ShopWithScrip.com, you must first create an account. 

To register with ShopWithScrip

  1. First open up your web browser, and go to ShopWithScrip.com
  2. Look for the green Family Sign Up box on the left side of the screen, and click “Create Account”
  3. Follow the simple registration instructions and accept the terms and conditions of
    using the site
  4. Before you can place an order, you must enter the RamBand’s enrollment code, which is available from our Scrip Coordinator. By associating this code with your newly created account, the ShopWithScrip system links your shopping activity with the Band Boosters. The code must be entered precisely and is case sensitive (the system will recognize “A” and “a” as different characters).

Once you are registered, you can manage your account with the Family Dashboard by clicking “My
Account,” at the top of any page. From here, you can check your account activity, change your profile and password, and read RamBand Scrip coordinator and site announcements.



Place your check or money order, your copy of your order and for your first order only, your Enrollment Form in "The Box" in the Band Room.

Please note that even if you've used the ShopWithScrip.com  website, we'll not be able to process your order until we receive your payment.


Place your order using ShopWithScrip.com, as described above in the previous tab -- "Order OnLine Pay With Check"


You must sign up to use Presto-Pay™, a convenient way for your family to pay for RamBand Scrip on-line.  Presto-Pay uses ACH, which is the same process used for direct deposit of your paycheck.  Printable directions for Presto Pay enrollment are available for download,

Our RamScrip supplier, GLSC, accepts the payment on behalf of the Band Boosters and immediately debits your checking account for the face value amount of your RamBand Scrip order, plus a small ($0.15) convenience fee. Note that this means that GLSC will debit you immediately even though the RamBand Scrip Coordinator places our group’s order (usually, but with some exceptions) on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

To use PrestoPay, simply register your account information once in a secure environment, and then verify it again a few days later.  Though you can place your RamBand Scrip order, until your account is completely verified, you will not be able to use Presto-Pay for your order.  From then on you can elect to pay with PrestoPay at the time you order, and pay a modest convenience fee of $.15 each time.

An ever increasing number of merchants allow you to reload gift cards, which means that by using Presto-Pay, you can instantly reload your RamBand Scrip. You must have purchased the original gift card through the RamBand Scrip program for this to work.  A current list of vendor with the reload option is located at ShopWithScrip.com.


Miscellaneous Info

Backorders:  GL Scrip claims that 99.3% of its line items have shipped complete without backorder.  While that sounds great, it also means that occasionally, GL Scrip may temporarily run out of a particular merchant's scrip. When that happens, they will place the item on backorder and ship it with our next order.

Terms, conditions, fees:  In some instances, stores can impose a variety of terms and conditions on their cards, including, but not limited to, inactivity fees.  So be sure to carefully check out the Great Lakes Scrip  website or the retailer's website for the terms and conditions that apply to the gift card(s) you're considering.

Special Offers: From time to time, GL Scrip and participating vendors offer bonus discounts on scrip.  These bonus offers provide even more benefits to using RamBand Scrip; however, they end fast!  To see the current list of bonus offers, click here.

Still Have Questions??

Contact our Scrip Coordinator, Missy Miller
E-mail: scrip@cdramband.org


  1. Usage of the scrip sold through the Central Dauphin Band Boosters Association is governed by the issuing retailers. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for any restrictions imposed by the retailer.  Be sure to check the discount prevailing at the time of order, as it may vary from the percentage listed on this website or on the order form.
  2. The Central Dauphin Band Boosters Association does not assume any responsibility for limitations on scrip usage.  Scrip is purchased on your behalf and is not returnable. Scrip is the same as cash and should be handled accordingly. For that reason the Central Dauphin Band Boosters Association will not be responsible for certificates that are lost, stolen, or misplaced while in your possession and will not mail scrip to you. 
  3. All scrip orders must be accompanied by a check or money order made payable to “Central Dauphin Band Boosters.” Please do not send cash. If your check is returned because of non-sufficient funds (“NSF”), you will be charged a $20 fee payable to Central Dauphin Band Boosters. After two NSF checks are tendered on your account, your scrip ordering privileges will be limited to money order only. Central Dauphin Band Boosters reserves the right to limit the quantity and amount of scrip certificates that may be purchased by one family and to impose any other limitations or restrictions.