Miscellaneous Fundraisers

Each year, the Band Boosters seek out new and innovative ways to raise money to support the needs of the CDHS band program.  In the past, we have held dine-ins at Perkins, raffled an Ipad, applied for grants and entered contests.

Perkins Night

Perkins restaurant on Rt. 39 offers the band 15% of the profits raised from 4:00 - 9:00 PM if we are able to bring 100 diners into the restaurant over a two night period.  A voucher is required for each diner to be counted; your family of 4 should hand in 4 vouchers.   Once scheduled, a email blast is sent to all band families with a link to print the vouchers.



In an effort to raise the most money in a short time, the Band Boosters discovered that raffling off a desired object to be very effective.  During the 2012 Uniform Replacement Fundraising Drive, an iPad 2 was raffled netting the boosters a $2000+ profit.  If a raffle is scheduled, an email blast will be sent to all band families.



Grants and Contests

The Band Boostes are alway looking out for grants and contests to enter that provide cash prizes.  Feel free to email coordinator:Janice Ellis with your suggestions for obtaining grants to support the CD RAmBand.
e-mail: mycodysmom@verizon.net.