Landis Field Fundraisers

Landis Field Concession Stand

The RamBand Boosters operate the Visitors' Concession stand every Ram home game at Landis Field.  The Concession Stand is a great place to become involved and meet other parents.  Staffing an operation of this size requires the support of every single band booster parents.  That's why we ask each parent to volunteer to work just one half of one football game each season at our concession stands. 

Best of all, you can take your pick of the following exciting opportunities:  working the window taking orders and money; filling drink orders; making the food; running extra supplies to the stand, and many other tasks.  Ready to sign up? Log on to Charms to see available shifts.

Landis Field Bake Sale Table

The Band Booster staff a bake sale table at all our home football games. Weekly email blasts are sent requesting donation of individually wrapped baked goods.  Make brownies, cookies, rice krispies treats, homemade candies, chocolate dipped pretzels, or other small items, wrap the items in  individual serving  sizes to be sold for 50 cents.  Bring the items to the bake sale table on the visitors’ side before the game.  If you would like to help work at the table, you are more than welcome, sign up for bake sale shifts at home football games on Charms -- extra perk, you won’t have to pay to get into the game if you are working at the bake sale table