Event Coordinators

Event Coordinator(s)
Band Banquet Diane Rhine
Band Camp - Pool Party/Keynotes Jenn Brown
Band Camp - Uniforms Cheryl Koury
Band Wearables Lisa Fox
Band-a-RAMa Keith Shuey, Scott Zieber
Buddy Night ***** OPEN *****
Business Sponsorship Scott Zieber
Chaperones  (Marching Band) Holly Zieber
Spring Craft Show Rachel Fraser
GTP Volunteering Deb Rose
HERCO Volunteering Deb Rose
Indoor-RAMa Kristina Showalter
Kauffmans Chicken BBQ Amber Heshler
Knoebles Jazz Picnic Ron/Kristine Linville
Landis Field Bake Sale ***** OPEN *****
Landis Field Concession Gail Owens, Scott Zieber
Membership Ron Linville
Product Sales: Subs and Sandwiches Cheryl Koury
RamBand Scrip Missy Miller
Student Ledgers Renee Gibson
Trip Committee To be Formed as needed
Volunteer Coordinator Holly Zieber
Website TBA