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Cordelia (Bechtel) Peters
Email Address: cordip@verizon.net
Years In Band: 1965 - 1968
Instrument Played: Flute
Personal Info: Married, 3 children (2 boys and a girl), retired from AT&T after 30+ years, graduated from HACC in 1999 and Messiah College in 2003 with BA in English Education and minors in music (of course), Spanish, and ESL. Currently in masters degree program at Penn State Harrisburg. Played flute and piccolo in the Bell Telephone Pioneer Band (1968-1975), the Hershey Symphony (1970-1975), the Messiah wind symphony for 1 year. Still love marches! How about an alumni band for a Homecoming or joining the current band for numbers in the stands?
Favorite Band Memory: Trips to the Allentown Fair in the summer and marching in Gov. Shapp's inaugural parade when it was at least 10 below zero (it felt that way)!
Susan Pottiger
Email Address: smpottiger@comcast.net
Years In Band: 1967 - 1970
Instrument Played: Flute
Personal Info: http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/susanpottiger/
I have 2 grown sons and 9 grandchildren. Currently employed as the Benefits Manager at Messiah College and also have a small home based business selling scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies as well as teaching scrapbooking and cardmaking classes.
Favorite Band Memory: Wit Gingrich used to fuss at me all the time because I lived so close to the school but was late for band practice every day!
Kelley Grubb Price
Email Address: kelleyandbrianprice@yahoo.com
Years In Band: 1991 - 1994
Instrument Played: Flute, Outdoor/Indoor Majorette, Indoor Guard
Megan (Ebersole) Robinette
Email Address: megan0519@yahoo.com
Years In Band: 1993 - 1997
Instrument Played: Majorettes (outdoor/indoor), drill team, guard (indoor)
Personal Info: I am married and living in Conshohocken, PA. I work for NBC10 as a video editor.
Paula (Dugan) Schmidt
Email Address: MrsPastorwho@aol.com
Years In Band: 1976 - 1979
Instrument Played: Clarinet, sax
Personal Info: Married for almost 25 years to Gerald who is now a United Methodist Pastor. We just moved to Canton, PA in July, which is about 35 miles from Elmira, NY. Both of my children are very musical. Paul is 21 and plays sax in the Penn State Blue Band.(Go Lions!!) Rachel is 15 and in the band at her new HS, Canton Area Jr./ Sr. High School. She plays any instrument that you give her, but is an excellent clarinet player. I am back to being a homemaker after almost 4 years working as a secretary for Real Alternatives. I still try to play my clarinet and borrow a sax when I can. Our family used to be in the community band before moving to Canton. Love to everyone especially Karen, Cathy C., Steph, Myrna, Barb S. I miss all of you! Keep in touch!
Favorite Band Memory: All of Wit's stories and the time that the fly kept landing on our music and gave us the giggles(which was not allowed!!!)
Scott Slaughter
Email Address: scott.slaughter@nist.gov
Years In Band: 1982 - 1985
Instrument Played: alto saxophone, percussion
Favorite Band Memory: Wildwood!
Mark Snyder
Email Address: marksny@yahoo.com
Years In Band: 1980 - 1983
Instrument Played: Percussion
Personal Info: Wife-Bernadette; Kids-Luke, Emily, Zachary, Hannah. All living in Elysburg, PA. Occupation-Power Plant Environmental Manager. Career Accomplishments-6 yrs Navy, BS Nuc Eng Tech, Registered Environmental Manager. Personal Accomplishments-Love my family! Stayed into music somewhat...rock band for a few years; Soccer referee, Lay Pastor.

Mark A. Snyder passed peacefully at home on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2009. Born in Harrisburg May 15, 1965, he was the son of Gilbert and Ruth Snyder, both of Linglestown, PA. Mark attended Central Dauphin High School and graduated in 1983.
Favorite Band Memory: Every bus trip.
Band Camp initiations (Does that still happen?)
I loved having home room in the band room. What a great group of people!
Pam (Brinton) Sultzaberger
Email Address: psultz@gmail.com
Years In Band: 1986-1988
Instrument Played: Bandfront (flag/rifle), Indoor Guard
Personal Info: Back in the area with a daughter at CD High and a son at CD Middle.
Kathi Turski
Email Address: kt@krturski.com
Years In Band: 1973 - 1976
Instrument Played: Soprano Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Personal Info: http://www.krturski.com/
Two-time cancer survivor who had lower jaw removed due to stage four squamous cell carcinoma in 2002--and rehabilitated enough to join the New Cumberland Town Band in 2009! Happily enjoying the intentional freedom and independence of being single. No permissions, no explanations. Working in management for Department of Labor & Industry while working on Master's in Education. Doctorate to follow eventually. For the voluminous CV, visit http://faculty.hacc.edu/cljeffre/ktresume.htm. I will try to remember to FTP the new version up tomorrow.
Favorite Band Memory: Dave Bethel's cadenzas. Ruth Zimmerman's bassoon. Musically taunting the opposing band during football games with songs like "Rainchant." Switching clarinets for a parade when Julie Penna's instrument got broken. Marching a mile with my left shoe coming off. Dressing on the bus, in the car, and behind the bass drum. Carrying two sousaphones at once to help pack the truck. Playing "The Horse" (Have the music posted in my cube at L & I). Arranging my own score for District Orchestra. Comparing mood rings with Georgie Glessner. The day the lights went off in the bandroom and we all kept playing anyhow. And meeting a certain professional clown who has been a good friend for more than 30 years.