Out with the Old

As of August 2012, the Ram Band is the proud owners of 125 brand new marching band uniforms!  Thanks to the support of band families, local businesses and a hard working team of volunteers, $50,000 was raised to replace the uniforms worn for 12 years.  That means:  no mismatched buttons, broken zippers, or dry-rotted pants will be worn this year; no weekly repairs to 'get through the game'; no hemming required and the Ram Band will look spectacular on the field.

In with the New

Uniform Procedures and Care

You will be assigned and fitted with a uniform during band camp and that will be your uniform for the entire year.  You are responsible for the care and upkeep on the uniform as outlined below:

  • Uniforms DO NOT leave school property; they are stored at CDHS between use
  • Clothing is worn under the uniform at all times - no jeans or pants with buttons/rivets
  • Be careful not to pull out the 'hems' when putting on the uniform
  • No eating or drinking while wearing the uniform coat
  • If your uniform loses a snap, please notify an event chaperone so it can be repaired